The Way We Teach

INTI integrates an array of proven approaches to teaching combined with revolutionary applications of technology in the classroom such as the innovative Canvas Learning Management System.

Our innovative and collaborative approach through a holistic teaching and learning management system and strong collaboration with global industry leaders prepare you for the real world.

Supplementary Learning and Assessment Tools to Deliver A Highly Engaging and Fun Learning Experience

Collaboration with Global Business Leaders on Diverse Platforms

Benefits of Online Learning Platform, Supported with Data Analytics
Understanding Behaviors | Drive Development | Addressing Learner Gaps Early |
Deliver Learning Outcomes | Performance Measurement
  • Ability to evaluate student’s participation and engagement.
  • Perform early intervention to get student back on track.
  • Safe platform for Instructors to address and support student’s weaknesses individually.
  • Student Level Analytic allows instructors to monitor individual student’s participation and performance.
  • Ability to view their own activity (e.g., participations, submission, quizzes, discussion, etc.) and communication within a course.
  • The Grade Graph allows students to view the median, high, and low scores for each of their submitted assignments.
  • Ability to see the overview of the courses, teachers, students, grade distributions, and Canvas activities.
  • Ability to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching strategies which contribute to student’s learning.

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