Success Stories

Our innovative and collaborative approach engages you with an industry-learning curriculum and real world application.

INTI graduates today are synonymous with impact and success. These entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders inspire current and future generations to pursue their passions from the onset of their academic journey.


At INTI, we believe that securing a dream job begins while our students are still studying. Providing hands-on learning through internships, employer projects as well as networking opportunities with local and international organizations, gives them one part of the skills necessary to securing future employment.

Here’s some testimonials from those who went on to succeed at the highest level.


At INTI, we recognize that the experiences our students gain beyond the classroom are as important as the ones they learn in it. Here’s some from the long list of successful INTI alumni sharing their experiences.


Scaling greater heights while still studying – these list of students accomplished amazing results during their time at INTI.